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  1. BioEnergizer Foot Detox Spa

    BioEnergizer Foot Detox Spa

    Regular Price: $189.00

    Special Price: $113.40

    Help stimulate the body’s natural process to rid itself of toxins that can cause headaches, colds, tiredness, bad breath, body odor, joint pain and inflammation, chronic respiratory problems, and more, with the BioEnergizer Foot Detox Spa.
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  2. Q-Sleep Plus with Lutein

    Q-Sleep Plus with Lutein

    Regular Price: $37.00

    Special Price: $22.00

    NOW 40% OFF!

    Q-Sleep Plus is an effective and all natural sleep enhancer. It contains no addicting qualities like other sleep aids, which makes it safe to take on a regular basis. Each ingredient was chosen on the basis of safety, wholesomeness and predictable quality results. Q-Sleep Plus can help you get to sleep more easily, stay asleep longer, rest more comfortably, and wake up refreshed. Learn More
  3. Arthri-Zen


    Regular Price: $29.00

    Special Price: $20.30

    NOW 30% Off

    The new clinically shown advanced pain management treatment can last up to 8 hours and not only gives you immediate relief, but it also provides ongoing long lasting relief. Learn More
  4. HealthySOULS Orthotic Insoles

    HealthySOULS Orthotic Insoles

    Regular Price: $29.00

    Special Price: $17.40

    NOW 40% Off

    HealthySOULS Orthotic Insoles will help realign your body for balance, stability and relief of pain in your feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips and lower back.
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  5. Germ Stopper Sanitizing Sweeper

    Germ Stopper Sanitizing Sweeper

    Regular Price: $99.00

    Special Price: $59.40

    Eliminate 99.9% of viruses, mold and bacteria using the same UV-C light purification technology that was developed for hospitals and laboratories. The lightweight, cordless Germ Stopper Sanitizing Sweeper picks up dirt, dust and small objects while killing germs, bacteria and dust mites.
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  6. Ergonomic Seat Cushion

    Ergonomic Seat Cushion

    Regular Price: $59.00

    Special Price: $35.00

    Save over 40% on the Ergonomic Seat Cushion. This seat cushion is lightweight and portable, and promotes proper lumbar curvature while you are seated to reduce strain on the lower back, alleviate stiffness and numbness and promote good posture. Learn More
  7. Premium Power Seat

    Premium Power Seat

    Regular Price: $229.00

    Special Price: $160.00

    Instantly transform any armchair or sofa into a high powered and sturdy lift chair with the Premium Power Seat. The Premium Power Seat offers assistance to those that need help standing or sitting by offering a stable, safe and secure seat that raises and lowers at a push of a button.
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  8. TOTAL REST Magnetic Heated Massage Cushion

    TOTAL REST Magnetic Heated Massage Cushion

    Regular Price: $69.00

    Special Price: $41.40

    The TOTAL REST Magnetic Heated Massage Cushion uses Heat, Massage and Magnetic Therapy to soothe and relax tense muscles, increase blood circulation, and help alleviate lower back strain and pain.
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  9. Myo-Natural


    Regular Price: $30.85

    Special Price: $21.00

    MyoNatural is an all-natural, clinically tested, pain management treatment that works within minutes for fast relief for inflammation, joint and muscle pain, sprains, swelling and sports injuries.
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  10. iCycle


    Regular Price: $139.00

    Special Price: $97.30

    NOW 30% Off

    Burn fat and lose weight while having fun. New iCycle can help improve circulation, aid in weight loss, promote a healthier heart, strengthen your immune system, relieve joint and muscle pain and relieve mental stress. Learn More

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