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Fungus Free Nails

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Fungus Free Nails cures 100% of the most common fungus, onychomycosis, to restore nails on both feet and hands to their natural color and feel.
Fungus Free Nails

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  • Fungus Free Nails
  • Fungus Free Nails
  • Fungus Free Nails
Fungus Free Nails is an all-natural, completely safe topical product with no side effects.

•  Penetrates the skin, not just the nail
•  Incorporates a naturally occurring, non-toxic organic
   solvent that carries the necessary fungicidal oils all the
   way to the nail bed to kill the fungus that is living, growing
   and spreading there.
•  Only takes two applications daily to eliminate nail
   fungus for good.

The regular price of Fungus Free Nails is $59.00 plus $5.95 shipping and handling for a total of $64.95 delivered. Customers of the BioTech Research website receive a $20.00 discount plus FREE Shipping and Handling and pay only $39. Also available for even greater savings is a second bottle of Fungus Free Nails for only $34!

*Not available in California.

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