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The Smellkiller Odor Remover

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Introducing The Smellkiller™, a powerful new odor remover. Once the advanced disk is partially immersed in water, the grooves trap the organic molecules that create odors.

The Smellkiller Odor Remover

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  • The Smellkiller Odor Remover
  • The Smellkiller Odor Remover

New Breakthrough Technology Gives the Power to Remove the Worst Type of Odors Absolutely Anywhere!

Works to eliminate odors in kitchen, refrigerator, pet area, closet, clothes hamper, diaper pail, garbage bin, office, car, bathroom, smoking area, family room and so much more!

Introducing The Smellkiller™, a powerful new odor remover that is far more advanced than most anything else on the market. People across the nation are already using the Smellkiller and getting sensational results.

Once the disk is partially immersed in water, the grooves trap the organic molecules that create odors. When these molecules react with the Smellkiller alloy, water, and oxygen they disintegrate into fragments our nose can no longer identify. The design is simple, yet powerful, making it useful and safe for use throughout your entire home.

This patented solid hockey puck size disk eliminates from the air many more types of odors than perfume and cover-up sprays, and does not produce toxic chemicals. The Smellkiller helps neutralize all odors as soon as it comes into contact with air and water. It just doesn’t cover up odors with a synthetic fragrance, it neutralizes them so that the air you’re breathing in is fresh and clean.

The Smellkiller does not need replaced and there is nothing to clean. It works without chemicals, sprays or electric current. It requires no batteries, never rusts and it never stops working. It will last a lifetime! The Smellkiller is safe for use around children and pets and it’s environmentally friendly because you’ll never need to throw it away. You’ll never waste money on air fresheners or deodorizers again!

The total price of the Smellkiller™ is originally $79.00 plus $9.85 for shipping and handling, but on-line customers of the BioTech Research web site pay only $59.00 delivered. There is a strict limit of 3 air cleansers at this discount - no exceptions please.

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