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  1. StabilityWALKERS


    StabilityWALKERS Insoles stabilize the foot, support the ankle and help control improper foot motion. These insoles conform to the exact contours of your feet for total arch support to relieve foot, ankle, leg, knee, hip and lower back aches and discomfort. Get pain relief for your feet, ankles and lower back with the StabilityWALKERS Insoles.
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  2. Thermotex InfraredRX Heating Pad

    Thermotex InfraredRX Heating Pad

    The Thermotex™ InfraredRX Heating Pad is the top of the line, all-purpose model. The Thermotex™ InfraredRX is designed with three individual infrared elements joined together as a single, flexible unit. Learn More
  3. EZ Fold-N-Go Walker

    EZ Fold-N-Go Walker

    Easy Fold Technology makes the EZ Fold-N-Go Walker the most portable walker ever! Folding in just seconds with the lift of a finger, this walker folds 4 times smaller than your average walker for quick storage in your car, shopping cart, overhead compartment on an airplane or discreetly by your side when not in use.
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  4. Cozy Cloud Pillow

    Cozy Cloud Pillow

    The Cozy Cloud Pillow will keep your entire body in proper alignment while helping to provide relief for your neck, back and shoulders. This amazing sleep aid can also help to significantly reduce headaches and snoring, giving you the best night’s sleep of your life. Learn More
  5. Cozy Cloud Mattress Topper

    Cozy Cloud Mattress Topper

    Get a great night’s rest with the Cozy Cloud Mattress Topper. Made with 100% Memory Foam, this mattress topper will help support your cervical spine to relax your neck, back and hips. Get complete body relief with the Cozy Cloud Mattress Topper and help prevent stiffness and numbness. Learn More
  6. iCopper Pain-Relieving Knee Support

    iCopper Pain-Relieving Knee Support

    Infused with therapeutic copper, the iCopper Pain-Relieving Knee Support stabilizes and helps enhance mobility for muscles and joints while relieving knee pain, joint pain, stiffness and soreness. Learn More
  7. Miracle Massage

    Miracle Massage

    Rest and Relax in total comfort with the Miracle Massage. Simply place it on any sleep surface or sofa to obtain a whole body massage. Five different massage modes with a heat option provide you with a personalized massage anytime you want. The Miracle Massage helps eliminate stress, tension, anxiety, stiffness and discomfort in the entire body.
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  8. DPL Flex System

    DPL Flex System

    Relieve painful knees, legs, feet, shoulders, neck, back and more with the DPL Flex System. This pain management system utilizes 3 large panels full of pain-relieving light modules consisting of 21 LEDs each. With 63 powerful heating elements and its amazing flexibility, the DPL Flex System can relieve aching, sore and painful joints and muscles all over your body. Learn More
  9. StabilityCUSHIONS


    Innovative, new arch support bands utilize a comfortable compression band that easily slips on and off and wraps snugly around the foot. The shock absorbing technology, contoured cushioned foam and durable non-slip sole of the StabilityCUSHIONS provide the support needed to stabilize and balance the entire body by correcting imbalances in the feet. Relieve pain in your feet, ankles, legs, knees, hips and lower back with StabilityCUSHIONS. Learn More
  10. HealthySocks


    Get circulation moving with HealthySocks to relieve tired, swollen, achy legs and feet.
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